Multivitamin Master - Sold Out

Multivitamin Master - Sold Out
Multivitamin Master - Sold Out
Multivitamin Master - Sold Out
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A good multivitamin can be the difference between an average athlete versus a stellar athlete.

What is Multivitamin Master?

Multivitamin Master is a wild crafted blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, whole foods and herbs designed to elevate your health on a daily basis. It contains over 70 trace minerals, amino acids, probiotics, an essential vitamins needed to run every reaction in the body, as well as herbs/whole foods that fuel brain power, stamina, immunity, and overall health.

What does Multivitamin Master treat?

This supplement is made to encourage health and wellbeing rather than treat a certain condition or disease state. We like to call it our “preventative” supplement as we feel this is the direction that healthcare should be headed, rather than searching for and only treating when there is a known problem. Therefore, the better question is what does Multivitamin Master prevent? With a clean diet and healthy lifestyle, it can work in combination to prevent just about any illness!

Who should take Multivitamin Master?

Anyone looking to improve overall health, boost their performance athletically, get a better night’s sleep, or ensure that they are getting well rounded nutrition on a daily basis. This supplement is encouraged for daily use to ensure maximum benefit.

This product IS safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Multivitamin Master is an organic and proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs, probiotics, minerals, amino acids and organic compounds that promote healthy sleep, stamina, mood and vitality. Please see the back label for details.

Take 1 to 3 tablets with meal. For high activity or stress take up to 6 tablets per day.

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Multivitamin Master - Sold Out

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