Master Cleanse package

Master Cleanse package
Master Cleanse package
Master Cleanse package
Master Cleanse package
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Instructions for the Master Cleanse Products

What Order Am I supposed to do the cleanses in? The intended order is Microbiome, Colon and then Liver Masters


Please read below as nothing is black and white in life and everyone’s body is a bit different!

Review of Microbiome Master:

Microbiome Master is a unique proprietary blend of 11 wildcrafted and organic herbs that helps to cleanse the gut from pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Due to its potency, it can cause “Herxheimer,” or die-off reactions which occur when endotoxins are released from dying pathogens. The immune system than recognizes the hiding pathogens as “foreign,” and goes on a rampage to get them out. This is the reason fevers, diarrhea or even sweating occurs during healing reactions. This only occurs if the patient is infested or chronically ill! It actually signals that the cleanse is working, albeit uncomfortable for some.

Why Take Microbiome First?

This is why I recommend that people do the Microbiome Master cleanse first, prior to the other cleanse choices in my line. The gut houses 80% of our immunity so it is imperative that we have this system working for us, and not against us, during all other cleanses. Since this arguably our most important organ for immunity, I recommend that in a series of cleanses, a patient always start with a gut or parasite cleanse first.

Who is Susceptible for Die Off Reactions and How Can They Be Avoided?

For those who suspect they will have die off reactions from Microbiome Master: It would be wise to order Colon Master with it. The way to ease the pain and length of die off symptoms is to have regular bowel movements! I recommend 2-3/day. This is your body’s way of eliminating toxins, like the endotoxins from the dying bacteria/viruses/parasites! So if you err on the side of constipation and suspect something like Candidiasis, it might be prudent to order Microbiome and Colon together to ensure that you are lessening toxic overload with regular bowel movements. Most people should handle Microbiome Master alone quite well. But only you know your body! If you suspect unwanted infestation, then I recommend ordering the package cleanse (includes Microbiome, Colon and Liver Master) or at the very least, Microbiome and Colon together. I want you to have a more enjoyable cleansing experience not a dreaded one! Have faith in yourself and listen to your body.

Review of Colon Master:

This is the second cleanse in the set of Master line cleanses that are offered. It is a special proprietary blend of 9 wildcrafted and organic ingredients to gently encourage regularity and sweeping the GI tract clean. I also recommend doing colon hydrotherapy or even coffee enemas with this cleanse if you issues with regularity, constipation, As you can see above, I recommend this to be taken WITH Microbiome Master if one suspects die off reactions or is prone to constipation, as regular bowel movements are the key to health! This is your precious elimination system! In today’s toxic world, we all need to be regularly dispelling toxins.

Will I have Die Off reactions from Colon Master?

No you should not experience die off reactions from Colon Master alone as it is a gentle all natural formulation. It will not cause you to have incontinence or be rushing to the bathroom either. If you are just doing a cleanse as preventative maintenance, then you can likely do Microbiome first and Colon second and then Liver Master third, as is the intended order. Remember bowel movements are the key to getting rid of endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, pathogens and even emotions!

Review of Liver Master:

This is a special proprietary blend of 11 wildcrafted and organic herbs that help to reset one of the biggest detoxification organs in the body. The liver processes all of the blood in the body so everything, including pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors plus more, is filtered through this vital organ. When the world is overwhelming us and our livers, we can become reactive, sharp and angry. This can affect our hormonal mood swings as well since the liver recycles the good and bad types of estrogens throughout our body. If you suffer from anxiety, anger, reactivity, frustration, envy, fatty liver disease, an estrogen dominance, yellowed eyes, tongue or skin, then your liver may need some help. I recommend everyone start with Micriobiome Master, with or without the second cleanse, Colon Master and then finish up with Liver Master. Coffee enemas also augment this program and will help the liver to product extra, S-glutathione, which is the mother of all antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed for proper immune support and daily detoxification methods within the body. The liver cannot be safely neglected because it will remind us that it has been taken for granted later on!

Will I Have Die Off Reactions from Liver Master?

No you should not have physical die off symptoms from Liver Master. It will increase bowel movements to rid you of toxins. My personal experience is that I had emotional releases on this particular cleanse. I have previously had a fatty and overwhelmed liver and when I began to become aware of this and slowly fix it, I noticed a rash of unprecedented emotional outbursts on my part. Consciously, I cannot even make sense of them. They feel very old and connected to my subconscious somehow. If this happens to you, it is ok! It is also a heating reaction. Medicine has tried very hard to remove the mind and spirit from the body but they all naturally, go hand in hand for full health to occur.

So if I’m Healthy, What Order Should I Do the Cleanses in?

Microbiome, Colon then Liver. Remember if you are chronically ill, you may have die off reactions so in this case I recommend doing Colon with Microbiome together!

Can I use the Non-Cleanse Master Products like Heavy Metal Master and Hormone Master with the cleanses?

YES! Hormone, Sleep, Inflammation, Immunity, and Heavy Metal Masters are meant to be taken as daily supplements. You do not have to stop them when doing a cleanse.

How Often Should I Do a Gut, Colon and Liver Cleanse?

If you have been traveling, making poor food choices, are constipated, moody or irrational, it may be your body giving you hints that its about that time! In general, I recommend it 4 times a year.

Can I Take These Supplements If I am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

NO to Microbiome Master. Although these are all natural, they are still herbs, which is where prescription medicine comes from as well. Some of these herbs affect milk letdown while others can cause premature contractions. Please consult your trusted healthcare professional or OBGYN to gain clarity about if the other supplement are safe during this time.

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Master Cleanse package

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