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New studies are elaborating just how important gut health and our micro biome is to overall health and immunity. With so many preservatives, allergens and toxins in today’s food supply, its no wonder that many people have bloating or difficulty digesting after every meal.

What is Enzyme Master?

Enzyme Master is a wild crafted and organic proprietary blend of 15 different digestive enzymes and prebiotics, which are secreted and cleaved throughout digestion to help digest and absorb food. Many of us don’t understand the importance of digestion. If whole food particles are left undigested in the gut due to altered gut pH, this can lead to bloating, malnutrition, malabsorption and a nutrient deficient state that is primed for sickness such as an autoimmune disease.

What Does Enzyme Master treat?

It pairs perfectly with a probiotic and our Microbiome Master, the ultimate combo to reset a struggling microbiome or digestive system. In combination, it can help treat autoimmune diseases, constipation, gastroparesis, nausea, bloating, acid reflux, fatigue after meals or any malabsorption issues.

Who Should Take Enzyme Master?

Anyone who suffers from bloating, GERD, malabsorption issues, nausea, fatigue after eating, joint pains, or other digestive issues. If you suspect a chronic hidden infection, please pair with Microbiome Master. Although digestive enzymes are extremely helpful in treating digestive disorders, please ensure that you are also changing bad dietary habits in the process so you do not become dependent on them. They can causealso changing bad dietary habits in the process so you do not become dependent on them. They can cause your body to become tolerant for taken for more than 2 months. We always want your body to perform at its best, so please take a break after two months with Enzyme Master so that your body can reset.

This product IS safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Enzyme Master is a blend of a variety of digestive enzymes needed for absorption and digestion of food and nutrients. It contains a blend of three proteases, alpha galactosidase, two different amylases, bromelain, cellulase, hemicellulose, lactase, lipase, diastase, papain, peptizymes and invertase. These enzymes are all necessary to break down proteins, fats, carbs and other foodstuffs and are released at essential times throughout digestion.
As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 3 times a day. May take for prevention daily or increase to 2-3 capsules 2 times a day for acute illness.

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